Breaking Down The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Disclaimer: I am not a math major or statistician. These numbers below could very well be wrong. If you see anything wacky leave me a comment and we'll have a laugh about it. Ah the … [Read more...]

#MoyesOut vs. #MoyesIn

Full disclosure: I am a Liverpool supporter and this article was very fun to write. This has been a very interesting campaign for the English Premier League. It started out with NBC Sports taking … [Read more...]

How To Respond To Reviews On Your Google+ Page

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How USA Supporters Felt Watching The World Cup Draw Today

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The 9/11 Memorial

On my recent trip to New York City for a mobile marketing conference, I ended up having a free day all to myself. I really like New York City, it's one of my favorite cities. I think it's because … [Read more...]